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Edwin is Master in Engineering and Master of Management. He has 10 years of experience managing strategic IT programs. His focus is on agile planning, clear communication, leading teams and mitigating issues. He is certified SAFe Advanced Scrum Master, MSP (Managing Succesful Programmes) Practitioner en Prince 2 Practitioner.

Filters and program configuration options – new in release 1.9

Filters and program configuration options – version 1.9 The following new functionalities, enhancements and bug fixes are included in version 1.9 of Ativo Programs: Filter on specific features in the planning and progress screens. Filters from the planning screen are now also available on the progress screen. These filters are applied on the summary,

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dependencies between stories – new in release 1.7

Dependencies between stories – release 1.7 What's new in version 1.7 of Ativo Agile Programs for Jira? Able to add / update blocking dependencies between stories in the program View underlying stories of a feature Stories and features can be individually folded/unfolded

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Ativo Agile Programs for Jira now also available for Jira Data Center

Ativo Agile Programs on Jira Data Center Ativo Agile Programs for Jira, our PI planning and scrum of scrums solution, is now available for organizations using Jira Data Center. What is Jira Data Center? Jira ships in three product variants: Jira Cloud Jira Server ( discontinued ) Jira Data Center Jira Data Center is built

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Declutter your program board – Ativo Agile Programs for Jira release 1.5

Declutter your program board Program boards can get messy with a high number of dependency cords. Programs with more than 10 teams can easily have more than 100 features and dependencies on the board. In our newest 1.5 release of Ativo Agile Programs for Jira, we provide a solution for this! We've added a filter

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Why do scrum teams estimate work in story points?

Why do scrum teams estimate work in story points? Companies that adopt agile or scrum often estimate their work in story points. What are the advantages? How are estimations best done? Top-down versus bottom-up Work can be estimated top-down or bottom-up. A top-down estimation uses data of previous projects. Looking at this previous data, an

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Release 1.3.0 – Visualize your program cycle

Visualize your program cycle - release version 1.3 Our newest release version (1.3) of Ativo Agile Programs for Jira is now available on the Atlassian Marketplace for Jira Cloud and Jira Server. What's new? Added program cycle overview (Prepare, Plan, Deliver and Iterate) : Promote incremental program delivery. Accelerate the program planning preparation and

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Agile Programs early access for Jira Cloud

Agile Programs early access for Jira Cloud "When will you release the Cloud version of Ativo Agile Programs for Jira?" is the #1 question we receive during trainings. Well, we have good news! Jira Cloud will be released on the Atlassian marketplace end June 2020, and is already available for early access as

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Partnership with Jarow Digital

MECHELEN , Belgium, May. 25, 2020. Ativo.io is pleased to announce that Jarow Digital, one of the Atlassian Solution Partner in Australia, has partnered with Ativo as a reseller of Agile Programs for Jira tool. Ativo's solution will be added to the wide range of information and services that Jarow Digital can provide for organizations

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Agile work from home tools for large organizations

Which tools can facilitate working from home in large agile organizations? Working from home, also called telework, has increased significantly over the last years. Approximately 40% of the workforce in the United States works remotely at some frequency. Teleworking motivates staff to better manage their work-life balance. Home working is also a necessity in case

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