About Edwin Rozie

Edwin is Master in Engineering and Master of Management. He has 10 years of experience managing strategic IT programs. His focus is on agile planning, clear communication, leading teams and mitigating issues. He is certified SAFe Advanced Scrum Master, MSP (Managing Succesful Programmes) Practitioner en Prince 2 Practitioner.

Follow up programs with the Art-Sync

An Agile program is challenging: Business wants to achieve results quickly Management wants to have a good view of progress and reduce costs Teams (projects) must work together Teams are self-organizing Good communication is needed to ensure that all those parties work together efficiently. How do you approach that and keep an overview? How do

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8 tips and tricks for an agile retrospective meeting

Every team has its challenges and opportunities for improvement. As a scrum master (or project leader / team leader) you want to tackle those. In a "sprint retrospective" you look back at the past sprint (typically 2 weeks) and look for opportunities for improvement. In an agile company, the retrospective sprint is part of a

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