Declutter your program board

Program boards can get messy with a high number of dependency cords. Programs with more than 10 teams can easily have more than 100 features and dependencies on the board.

In our newest 1.5 release of Ativo Agile Programs for Jira, we provide a solution for this!

We’ve added a filter bar in the planning screen to boost planning productivity further.

Focus on the features and stories of your team

You can select your team in the filter bar, and keep “included linked tickets” enabled. This will only show the features of your team, and the dependencies with other teams.

See features requiring attention

Filter on features and dependency stories with Red or Amber flags. Click on “details” if you want to see the color and comment as well.

Search on any name or description

Need to quickly locate a feature or story? Type in a keyword in the search box.