PI Planning Preparation

In an agile environment, you want to plan just-in-time. Nevertheless, some preparation is still needed in order to have an efficient Program planning meeting:

  • Create features
  • Prioritize the features
  • Select features for the next period
  • Break down features in stories

More information on how to do that can be found on this page.

Create features

Features contain major business functionality.

To create a Feature:

  • Click on the Create button in the top menu bar
  • Select the project of the feature
  • Select Epic as issue type (in Jira, features are encoded as epics)
  • Fill in the Epic Name and Summary
  • Click on the Create button

Prioritize features

The Product Manager defines the priority of the features within a program.

This priority is visible in a kanban board. High priority features are on top of the list, lower priority near the bottom.

To create feature kanban board:

  • Click on the Boards in the top menu bar
  • Select View all boards
  • Click on Create Board
  • Click on Create a Kanban Board

  • Select Board from an existing project

  • Choose a board name and select the Feature Project
  • Click on the Create board button

Add a feature to a period

Usually a feature backlog contains too many features to be taken up in one period. A selection of features for the next Program (PI) Period is done by the business (Product Manager usually) .

To add a feature to a period:

  • Select the period in the period picker (top left)
  • Click on Feature Plan
  • Click on Add Features (top right)
  • Select the features you want to add


Break features down into stories

Teams prepare themselves for the Program (PI) planning. They define stories for the features.

To create a story and link it to a feature:

  • Click on the Create button in the top menu bar
  • Select the project of the team
  • Choose the feature in the Epic Link
  • Click on the Create button