Ativo Programs quickstart guide

In this quick start guide, we will discover how to install Ativo Programs for Jira, and configure the first Program Increment in 5 steps.

Step 1 – Installation

As a Jira admin, you can install the Ativo Programs app. Click on Settings > Apps > Find new apps.

Search for Ativo, click on the box, and then click on try.

Step 2 – Permissions

We wil now set the permissions. As a Jira admin click on Jira admin > Apps > Ativo Programs > Administrators.

Add the persons or groups you want to give Ativo Programs configuration permissions and click on Save.

Step 3 – Teams

Now that we have permissions, we can configure the teams.

We can locate Ativo Programs via Apps > Programs in the top navigation bar. Click on the Create Teams button.

We’ll add a first team. Fill in the name, choose a key (capital letters). Define if the team is working scrum (sprints) or Kanban. Choose the estimation model they are using.

We will then define the filter, which defines the scope of the issues of team. We first choose one or more Jira projects. If needed, we can narrow down the scope with one or more field filters.

We’ll now add a second team.

Then click on Submit.

Step 4 – Program (Release train) configuration

Now that we have teams, we can configure the program (or release train).

Click on the Create Program button on the Ativo home screen. Choose a program name and key and click on Submit.

Select the teams you want to add in the program.

Select the filter for the epics (feature). This defines the scope of the program.

For the optional issues filter, you can probably leave it at the default option.

Click Submit.

Step 5 – Period (Program Increment)

Now that we have defined the program, we can configure the program increment.

Click on Create period, fill in the name and key, and define how many sprints you want to add to the period. Click on Create.

We’ll now choose the start dates and end dates of the sprints.

For the teams working scrum, we’ll map the sprints. If the sprint names have a logical order with number is it, then Ativo will do a suggestion for the next sprints automatically.

If you need to create sprints in teams, you can do so in another tab. Click the Refresh sprints button to import the latest sprints.

You can leave the optional additional epic and issue filters to the default setting.

Click on Submit.


We’ve configured and installed Ativo Programs in 5 steps:
– Installation
– Permissions
– Teams configuration
– Program (Release train) configuration
– Period (Program Increment) configuration

As a next step, you can find mode information on the PI planning preparation here.