Review the program (PI) plan

At the end of first and second day of the PI planning session, a review is done with all teams and management.

Each team presents its planned features, program risks and issues.

To present the plan:

  • Click on the Program button the top navigation
  • Select the Program and Period at the top of the left navigation bar
  • Click on Progress per team
  • Scroll towards the dashboard of each team

The top left section of the dashboard shows:

  • Total RAG (Red-Amber-Green) status of the features
  • Total RAG status of the dependencies
  • Issues and risks

The bottom section shows the sprints in  the next period, including:

  • Features, together with a RAG indicator, total amount of story points, commitment and baseline sprint (= sprint in which the feature is originally planned.
  • Cross-team dependency stories : work from one team done for a feature of another team. This is detected automatically by the system.