Scrum of scrums and art-sync preparation

A program is followed up with a Scrum of Scrums (meeting between program management and the scrum masters) or the Art-Sync (meeting between program management, product management, scrum masters and product owners).

To prepare for the Scrum of Scrums / art Sync:

  • Update the scrum board of the team
  • Complete the sprint at program level
  • Update RAG (Red-Amber-Green) indicators, risks and issues

Update the scrum board of a team

A scrum team normally keeps its scrum board up to date continuously. This should not be done just before the meeting.

To update the sprint and close stories:

  • Click on Projects in the top navigation bar, and select the project of the team (Or – alternatively – click on the team name in the program navigation bar)
  • Select Active Sprints in the left navigation bar
  • Drag and drop stories to the done / closed / … column

Complete the sprint at program level

In Jira, sprints are manually flagged as completed.

Sprints closed at program level don’t affect or close a sprint at team level.

To complete a sprint at program level:

  • Click on Programs in the top menu bar
  • Select the program and period in the top of the navigation bar
  • Click on Period config in the left navigation bar
  • Click on the completed column next to the sprint and check the checkbox
  • Click on Save


Update the RAG indicators, issues and risks

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