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Manage Agile Programs Digitally

Agile Programs for Jira is a solution that helps you streamline team collaboration for more transparency, better insights and happier teams.


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What makes Ativo different?

Ativo makes teams happy and program management efficient. No more useless meetings between teams.

Straight out of our innovation lab

Agile Programs

A Jira Plugin

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We change the way you work

A tool is only good if it supports the persons and processes. With Ativo Agile Programs for Jira, we developed the tool based on 10+ years of Program Management experience, and meetings with over 100+ IT Professionals. We still have to meet the first person who doesn’t like the tool.


Meeting time reduction

Free your agenda so you can focus on the fun stuff. reduces the time you spend in program meetings by up to 50%.


Management and business buy-in restored

Agile transformations can create doubt for management and business. restores the buy-in from management and business.

Companies with more than 1000 professionals are using Ativo Agile Programs for Jira.

What do our customers tell about us?

★★★★★ – Very useful to have a real time overview of a program to improve predictability.

Cindy Rummens, Delivery lead, Acerta

★★★★★ – Superb overview of the features & program planning.

Laura Rummens, Director back office Payroll Services, Acerta

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