Edit permissions

Only Agile Programs for Jira administrators can create, edit and delete programs and periods.

Global Jira Administrators can appoint Agile Programs for Jira administrators:

  • Open the application administration page via Setting > Manage apps.
  • Click on Agile Programs admin in the left hand side navigation bar.
  • Add or remove groups.
  • If you want, permissions can be given as well to individual users:

View permissions

Any logged in user can see:

  • The Programs menu item
  • The name of programs, together with the names of underlying team projects
  • The name of periods and names of underlying sprints

Feature project permissions

A feature project follows the same permission mechanism as any other Jira project.

To change the permissions of a feature project:

  • Click on Projects > View all projects in the top navigation bar
  • Search and click on the feature project
  • Click on project settings icon (bottom left)
  • Click on Users and roles to assign/ remove users and roles
  • Click on Permissions, then on Actions and then on Edit permissions or Use a different scheme

Team project permissions

The use of the Agile Programs for Jira plugin does not change the security settings at team level.