This page describes the security permissions for Ativo Programs. Read the security policy instead for more information about the organizational and technical security measures taken.

Edit permissions

Only Agile Programs for Jira administrators can create, edit and delete programs and periods.

Global Jira Administrators can appoint Agile Programs for Jira administrators:

  • Open the application administration page via Setting > Manage apps.
  • Click on Agile Programs admin in the left hand side navigation bar.
  • Add or remove groups.
  • If you want, permissions can be given as well to individual users:

View permissions

Any logged in user can see:

  • The Programs menu item
  • The name of programs, together with the names of underlying team projects
  • The name of periods and names of underlying sprints

Feature project permissions

A feature project follows the same permission mechanism as any other Jira project.

To change the permissions of a feature project:

  • Click on Projects > View all projects in the top navigation bar
  • Search and click on the feature project
  • Click on project settings icon (bottom left)
  • Click on Users and roles to assign/ remove users and roles
  • Click on Permissions, then on Actions and then on Edit permissions or Use a different scheme

Team project permissions

The use of the Ativo Programs does not change the security settings of the Jira Projects at team level.

One should check if teams and stakeholders within the same program have at least read access on each other’s Jira projects, in order to see the consolidated program board.

When a person with insufficient read permissions on the Jira team projects of a program will try to access the program board, the inaccessible information will remain hidden from him. Additionally, an error can be displayed, depending on the permission violation.