Ativo Agile Programs for Jira

Boost your team’s productivity by providing transparency among your Jira programs with Ativo Agile Programs for Jira. Get started immediately or find more information below.

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Ativo Agile Programs for Jira in a nutshell:


Build for organizations implementing SAFe®

We are not affiliated with Scaled Agile Inc, the providers of SAFe®

Online Program Increment Planning

Organize the Program Increment (PI) planning online, while working from home. Drag and drop features into sprints. Set commitments for the coming period.

Facilitate Scrum of Scrums and Art-Syncs

By using Agile Programs for Jira, you’ll be able to facilitate a Scrum of Scrums and Art-Sync in one consolidated view. Raise issues and highlight risks while keeping an eye on the big picture of a program.

Manage cross-team dependencies

The tool automatically detects cross-team dependencies (= a story of a team contributing to a features owned by another team) and displays them on the board. This enables you to make clear agreements and follow them up.

All content in one Jira platform

No need to synchronize data from Jira. Keep all your team and program data in one tool.

(If you want to, you can still easily import and export data.)

Use flexible workflows

Agile teams are self-organizing. Agile Programs for Jira can work with custom workflows at team and program (feature) level.

Real time actionable insights

Are teams on track to meet their objectives? Do they need scope adjustments? Examine progress extrapolations and take action.

Scaling through the roof

Running multiple programs in parallel? Decide who can create, edit and delete programs and periods.