Filters and program configuration options – version 1.9

The following new functionalities, enhancements and bug fixes are included in version 1.9 of Ativo Programs:

  • Filter on specific features in the planning and progress screens.
  • Filters from the planning screen are now also available on the progress screen. These filters are applied on the summary, sprint view and on the burn-up charts.
  • Added a ‘view options‘ taskbar in the planning and progress screens to show all stories, see details and choose which dependency cords to draw.
  • Each team in the program can use its own estimation method: story points, man days or no estimations at all. Estimations are converted when computing totals at program and feature level.
  • Multiple programs can now share the same project in Jira to contain the features (epics).
  • Fixed error message when deleting a team that is used in a program.