Support for team capacity planning – version 2.1

The following new functionalities, enhancements and bug fixes are included in version 2.1 of Ativo Programs:

  • Support for team capacity planning on the program board. The planned vs defined capacity is visible on top of each sprint. Enable this functionality via View options > Capacity
  • Changed default setting: all issues in scope are now by default visible on the program board. To only see issues with cross-team dependencies, select View Options > Show issues > Issues with cross-team dependencies.
  • The epic vs non-epic filter is added again on the filter bar.
  • Predictions to facilitate period configuration: when an Ativo Programs administrator enters a sprint that contains a number, subsequent sprints are suggested based on increments of that number.
  • Bug fix: correctly tag de-scoped epics (features) on the program and progress boards.

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