Program increment cheat sheet

This page describes the main steps of a program increment planning and delivery.

It requires that the installation and configuration of Ativo Programs for Jira has been completed before.


Use the plan view in Ativo to facilitate the Program Increment planning.

ActivityAtivo AdminTeam memberScrum MasterProduct OwnerProgram ManagerProduct Manager
Create sprintsX
Configure Period (Program Increment sprints)X
Create & prioritize featuresXX
Include features in scopeXX
Define MilestonesXX
Create & plan stories according to capacityXXX
Review cross team dependencies, replan.XXX
Raise and review risks & impedimentsXXXXX
Define, review & score objectivesXXXXX

Progress & replan

Use the progress views in Ativo to facilitate the Art Sync and scrum of scrum meetings.

ActivityAtivo AdminTeam memberScrum MasterProduct OwnerProgram ManagerProduct Manager
Deliver work and close storiesX
Close sprints (team level), replan stories.XXX
Close sprints (program level)X
Update & review risks & impedimentsXXXXX
Review cross team dependencies, replanXXX
Decide and communicate on prioritiesXXX
De-scope / add featuresXXX
Score objectives : delivered valueXXX


Focus (show less stories)

For Team members, Scrum masters & Product owners:

  •  Use Filters > Team filter with Add linked Issues to only show the issues from your team, together with the links with other teams.

For Program managers & Product managers:

  • Use View options > Issues > Cross-team dependencies to only show issues that have cross team dependencies
  • Use Filters > Issue type to only see the planning of epics (features)
  • Use Filters > RAG > Amber & Red (do not select ‘add linked issues’) to only see the issues that have red and amber indicators.

Use the View options > Cords to hide cords on the board.

Cord colors

  • Red cord color = needs to replan to respect dependency (negative ‘slack’).
  • Amber cord color = needs attention as prerequisite and the issue itself are planned in the same sprint (‘slack’ = 0, this is on a critical path)
  • Purple cord color = timing of dependency is OK (positive ‘slack’)

Handle delays & replanning

Unfinished stories in a sprint should be replanned in another sprint.

Unfinished epics (features) should not be replanned. Ativo will detect if underlying issues are planned in later sprints than the feature itself was originally planned, and show this in the progress view.

Features added or removed from the PI can be tagged with ‘added/removed’ commitment levels. Use Filters > Commitment level (select ‘Add linked issues’) to switch between original planning and planning with added/removed features.


Note: filters affect all sections of the board, including the risks & impediments and the burn-up chart.